2019 schedule

Please remember this is a loosely organized event!  Most activities happen until we get sick of them or just drop from exhaustion.  The biggest event is just the opportunity to hang out and play with fiber uninterupted for whatever amount of time you are there with other people who get it.
From Friday at 6ish pm until Noonish on Sunday:   Make new friends or get reaquainted with old ones in the vending room or the hospitality suite -work on projects or just see what others are working on. 
Bake sale to benefit http://www.jensartfoundation.org/  please bring baked goods for the table!  Packaged in single servings is nice but I will have baggies available for those who run out of time.
6:00 pm Vending room opens for shopping and hanging out.

Saturday:  Always the main day - if you can only come for a few hours make it Saturday! 
8:30 Vending room opens for shopping and hanging out
9:15  Demos: schedule at classroom
11:45 Lunch on your own
1:30 Demos: schedule at classroom
3:00 Auction

Following the auction it has become traditional for a large group to go dinner, if you don't hear the buzz, Rebecca at Sunshine Knit Designs usually knows the plan.
After dinner we will gather in the vendor room to discuss this year's business and work on our projects so more.
All morning:  Vendors may still be packing up but don't expect them to be able to serve us.  Hanging out and trying to ignore the fact that we have to go back into the craziness that is our lives until next year.
9:30 Garage Sale  - anyone can participate in the garage sale - just bring your unwanted stash and put it on a table.


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