The 2014 Fiber In was a success in spite of the leaky conference room and missing linens.  It would seem that the Allure Hotel is having some maintenance issues, it became a running joke and everyone took it in stride.  It is hard to get angry when the staff was so nice about it however, those hotel guests who found themselves stuck in the elevator were maybe not so good humored!  I will be looking for a new home for next year. 

We tried some new events this year, some we will repeat others just seemed to flop.  The scavenger hunt was a lot of fun but the mixer feel short.  The Friday round table was a complete flop, everyone was too busy visiting and working on projects to want to think about an app for the iPad.  A stitch marker exchange has been suggested for next year so stay tuned for details on that.  Keep the ideas coming – I am not above shamelessly stealing ideas from other fiber events that sound fun.

In 2015 our theme will be Turkey and the dates are September 18-20, 2015