Wow what an event we had this year!  Thank you to all who filled in the gaps left by my absence, from venue searching to communications to demo scheduling you all rocked it!  The new venue was awesome, that lighting was fabulous.  I am not a generally a risk taker but this time it paid off! I hope you all liked it as much as I did.  I have been in touch in with the event planner already about next year.

I thought our Fiber Games for Peace and Friendship (FGPF?) were great fun to watch: congrats to our metal winners!  Next year we will explore Canada and see what they have to offer to us in the way of fibery fun.  Don’t forget to post your ideas over on Ravelry or the Yahoo group.  I am going to try to summarize any activity for each area monthly and post a blog update on the website, look for these around the first of the month.  For those that don’t do social networking, send your ideas to me and I will cross-post a summary of the ideas I receive to the groups.  Don’t forget to include “Florida Fiber In” or “FFI” in your subject line or it might go into the black hole commonly called spam.  As we get closer to the planning stage of next year I will try to post summaries more often.

I learned how to create a triple ply from yarn to knit as you go and my brain is going to explode with the possibilities.  I have a huge stash of lace weight yarn because I love it so but it isn’t always very practical.  This technique allows me to love my lace weight but use it for dk projects. And I am thinking how active singles would play coming off the spinning wheel bobbin and being knit as a three ply but not being plied first.  This is the reason I love the Fiber In and the heart of the mission – to learn from each other.  Was it Margaret?  I swear I can see your face but for the life of me can’t remember your name just now and I know you have been coming for years.  Anyway, she popped up at our table and showed us what she was doing and my mind was instantly blown!  This didn’t require a class just a quick demo and the ideas were flashing.  And I showed Fish a little trick for getting your knitting needle into a Make 1 stitch.  We all have something to learn and something to teach.  Over the course of the next year we will all be exposed to various new tricks and techniques ready to be shared and learned at the 2017 Florida Fiber In.