Another great year of Fiber and Friends!    Thank you to everyone that has participated, it is because of you that the event is so successful.  I have just a few wrap up comments. 
First, I almost got my spinning project done, I just have one bobbin full to ply so hopefully by the time you all see me at the Destin Spin In, I will be spinning my wonderful cashmere from India.

As usual I forgot to do something at the event, Diane Chamberlain is the winner of the preregistration drawing.  It's not near as fun to have a drawing by myself as it is standing on a chair in the middle of a room filled with yummy fiber and wonderful fiber lovers!  I tried to clap loud enough for everyone but my dog was looking at me with this weird look on her face and seriously who could blame her :-)

We fell just a bit short this year between donations and expenses, fortunately we have some slush from prior years.  The issue is that we are too big for the smaller (and cheaper) conference rooms but are not quite big enough to cover the expenses on the ball room so next year bring a fiber friend to the party and we will grow just a bit to be the perfect size.

The 2014 theme is Norway and the dates are Sept 19-21, 2014.  At first, I was thinking what are we going to do with Norway?  Then almost instantly it hit me - Vikings!  Now that we can work with, get those ideas flowing and let's start talking about next year :-)