If you are interested in offering a demo at this year’s Florida Fiber In please email me at [email protected] and put Florida Fiber In Demo in the subject line before July 15th.  I will respond to each offer so if you don’t hear from me then your email got lost in the hundreds of messages of spam I get every day please resend it.  Even if you offered on list to give a demo please resend it to me personally so I know you are still available and willing to do the demo.

I have collected all the requests from the yahoo group and ravelry to get your creative juices flowing.  This is by no means a restrictive list, only suggestions, you may offer to demo anything.  Remember, we all have something to learn and something to teach.  Don’t be afraid you don’t know enough, don’t know how to teach or whatever excuse our brains make up to compensate for fear - just do it.  Just think of it as showing a group of friends.  Remember the Florida Fiber In is a success because we all participate!

Bobbin Lace Making

Hairpin Lace Crochet

Broomstick lace Crochet

Spinning/Prepping plastic bags to turn into plarn (plastic yarn)

Dyeing with Kool-Aid (but more hands on)

Designing a garment and/or altering a pattern to fit your body

symbol crochet

Spinning fibers other than sheep wool

preparing other fibers than sheep wool

Lace knitting


unusual knitting techniques such as backward knitting, standed, and entrelac


Any crochet related classes

Crochet entrelac

Tunisian in the round

Knitting charts

beginning spinning

Art yarn spinning

Spinning plarn

Crochet with beads

knit with beads

spinning with beads